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Taxi Driver Season 2 (2023) Episode 5

Kim Do-gi (Lee Je-hoon) is a Korea Military Academy graduate whose mother was murdered when he was young. Since he could not take revenge on the man who murdered his mother, he now works as a taxi driver for a company which offers a "revenge-call" service to its clients who have been wronged and helps them take revenge.

Taxi Driver Season 2 (2023) Episode 5

The episode today was no doubt the one we have all been waiting for and those cute Do-gi and Go-eun moments were definitely worth the week-long wait. These two have been in the spotlight since the premiere of this season and we have all been looking forward to witnessing how their story makes progress this season, and we are surely not disappointed, yet.

The show will have 16 episodes and will be broadcasted on SBS on the Friday-Saturday slot at 10 PM previously occupied by Payback: Money and Power. Taxi Driver season 2 episode 5 has a run time of 65 minutes.

Taxi Driver season 2 episode 5 begins with Do-gi receiving a surprise when Ha-joon visits his home and tells him that they are now neighbours. Elsewhere, a little girl is seen escaping two goons who are chasing her through the streets; luckily, she manages to escape their clutches.

Taxi Driver season 2 episode 5 Ending shows Do-gi finding a way through his will and turning on the emergency fire extinguisher in the office, thus, destroying their documents in the process. Left with no other choice, another session is held with the guests and this time Do-gi and Go-eun are able to get their lucky chance and get a step closer to their target.

Another fun-filled yet intriguing episode of Taxi Driver season 2, and there is no doubt that we are happy and excited for the next episode of the season. The much-awaited Do-gi and Go-eun moments have definitely stolen our hearts and we are definitely not complaining.

SBS is all prepared to premiere Taxi Driver Season 2 episodes soon. It was happy news for the fans when they confirmed season 2 of Taxi Driver. We are here to disclose all information you are eagerly waiting for: release date, preview, and where to watch the episodes of Taxi Driver season 2.

Season 2 of Taxi Driver will premiere in Korea on February 17, 2023. Every Friday-Saturday, new episodes will be released at 10.00 pm KST. Check out these time zone details to watch the episodes of Taxi Driver season 2 on your site.

Taxi Driver Season 2 can be seen on the SBS network channel in Korea. It will be available on Viki and Viu apps for global fans. Viu app services are active in only 16 countries. Taxi Drive season 2 is accessible on Viki but only in certain countries. You can watch episode clips, highlight and trailers on the official youtube channels of SBSdrama and Kocowa Tv. Taxi Driver Season 1 is free to watch on Netflix, Prime Video and Viki.

Throughout Season 1 and especially in Season 2, it was easy to pinpoint which genre which episode was influenced by. The Season 2 premiere was a Western, complete with a sheriff, a ghost town, and the Indigenous Tusken Raiders. The Frog Lady episode brings to mind taxi driver movies like Collateral, while the episode that introduced Ahsoka took multiple notes from the samurai genre that inspired Star Wars to begin with.

The iconic sequel of Taxi Driver is back with its season 2 to have our hearts for the second time. The series, which will contain 16 episodes, will air on SBS on Fridays and Saturdays at 10 PM in place of Payback: Money and Power. The duration of Taxi Driver season 2, episode 5, is 65 minutes.

Kim Do-gi, a former soldier who becomes a cab driver with a hidden motive to seek justice for victims who were unable to do so through legal channels, was the focus of Taxi Driver Season 1. The first season revealed more about Kim Do-Gi and the traumas that inspired him to become a vigilante while also showing him working with a group of vigilantes to punish those responsible for horrible acts.

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