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Vivica Charms

The Whole Bead Show Hotel Pennsylvania; 10am; $10 at the door (Good for 3 days); $7 with online purchaseGemstones, pearls, crystals, silver, gold, vintage glass, charms, as well as chain, clasps and much much more. You will find every type of bead at this year's Whole Bead Show, a cash and carry bead trade show open to the public. Have an itch to design your own jewelry? Beads of every kind, from all over the world will be on hand for purchase. So if you have a yearning to load up on beads for that special project or craft, this is your event.

vivica charms

Peter Smith The Duplex; 9:30pm; $8 in advance, $12 at the doorA boundary-breaking performer who has made memorable appearances in Showgasm and as Catlyn Jenner in Katdashians! The Musical!, Smith takes the Duplex stage for a stunning solo show that mixes comedy, gospel, cabaret and personal storytelling. Like a superbeing created by Sandra Bernhard and Justin Vivian Bond, Smith shakes the audience to the core with their dry wit, warm positivity and sultry charms. 041b061a72


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