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Rainbow Rar

A rainbow table is an optimization for inverting hash functions: finding the password when all you have is its hash. Although this is not strictly necessary here, I recommend reading What are rainbow tables and how are they used? which has a very good explanation that clears a few common misconceptions.

Rainbow rar


Even if the KDF is a hash function, a rainbow table wouldn't help: the attacker does not have the output of the KDF. When a password is used for authentication, the output of the KDF is what's stored in the database. When a password is used for encryption, the output of the KDF is the secret key which is what the attacker is after.

So if you pre-compute the hash for every possible windows password, when you want to recover an unknown password, all you need is the hash from the SAM database and then look it up in the rainbow table. The rainbow table then gives you a password which will correspond to that hash. This is complicated by password salt, but that's the basic idea.

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