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Buy Open Air Photo Booth

The demand for photo booths is growing. With the return of in-person events there are more opportunities than ever to provide photo booth rental services. Businesses are looking for new and better ways to engage with customers and have an integrated marketing solution to increase brand awareness and engagement through photo booth installations.

buy open air photo booth

The power and versatility of the Apple iPad means that you have really great and simple options when it comes to the software to use for your photobooth. The simplicity of having fewer parts means there are less things to troubleshoot or break.

In addition to standard DSLR booth kiosks, we manufacture a top-of-the-line multi-camera array called the Bullet 2.0. Using 7 DSLR Cameras linked together, the Bullet Array is a 180 degree photo booth that fires all 7 cameras at the same time, stopping time in a unique video boomerang.

When you buy a photo booth from Booth Masters, you join a growing community of successful companies. You will get access to our exclusive owners resource portal which contains marketing materials, templates, as well as access to our private Facebook group!

No. We are a photo booth manufacturer. If you would like to rent a booth for an event or activation we can refer you to any of our hundreds of customers who provide photo booth rental services nationwide and even internationally.

Booth Masters sells the shells that you can use to create your own DIY photo booth, and we have a list of recommended hardware, including cameras, tablets, software to use in your business and at events.

Building your own DIY photo booth is easy with our portable photo booth shell. Add your own tablet and/or camera, choose your software, and printer. Then add a backdrop and props and you have a simple do it yourself photo booth!

The Open Air Photobooth product line is built to order. Immediately after order payment is received, your product goes into production. With an average overall production time of less than 1 week, your product will be delivered approximately 2 weeks from order date (east coast destination). Custom colors or case configurations take an additional 2 weeks approximately. Overseas / international shipping will increase delivery time.

Rental fees for digital photo booths vary depending on your location. For example, in Southern California, the average rental fees commonly range from $1,000-$1,600 per event (with options). Thus, in Southern California, the Open Air Photobooth can be paid for in as little as 4-5 events!

Being the original Open Air Photobooth, the setup options are limitless. From ballrooms to yachts to private booths at nightclubs, the Open Air Photobooth can be setup anywhere power is available.

Yes. As a current upgrade, the Open Air Photobooth has the ability to Create multi-page tangible flip books in about a minute. The flip book upgrade includes all the necessary software and hardware to provide this unique service. The demand vs. supply of flip book service providers is drastically greater than photobooth providers, thus rental rates are commonly considerably higher. We are happy to discuss this popular upgrade during your ordering process.

Yes. Animated GIFs can be created when capturing a multi-image print layout. The printed take-away contains multiple poses and the shared or hosted digital version is an animated GIF. Animated GIFs are also created when utilizing the Open Air Photobooth to create tangible flip books.

Due to the custom manufacturing of the Open Air Photobooth and our product line, refunds and returns are not offered. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The electronic components, aside from the computer and are subject to 1 year manufacturer warranties. The custom designed Windows 10 64-Bit computer systems boast a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

This DSLR-based photo booth is our most advanced photo booth for event professionals. It has 2 cameras, 2 light sources, photo printer, and advanced photo types including Snapchat lenses (augmented reality filters), video testimonials, true green screen, animated green screen, SloMo, hashtag printing and more!

This bundle includes everything you need to start your photo booth business. It includes the ring light photo booth stand, Apple iPad tablet, fast wireless dye-sub photo printer, photo media, software, 2 travel cases, and product orientation session.

The HootBooth ILLUMIN8+ COLRZ iPad Booth is available in a rainbow of colors! This photo booth is perfect for social sharing of images and sending photos via text & email to guests. The software offers face-tracking digital props and animated filters that guests L-O-V-E to share.

Magic Moment Photo Booth is Chicago's premiere photo booth rental company. Providing photo booth rentals for private parties, weddings, corporate events, and any occasion. Photo booth rentals in Chicago. Photo booth rental Illinois. 2011 - 2023 all rights reserved

They are easy to customize, color, size, and many other features. Another is that an open air photo booth does not require a special connection to the party. They can also be used as an air party booth for weddings, trade shows, product events, or more specially designed air photo booths.

It can be adjusted to the all of air booths, open air photo booths with wheels, open air photo booths can be used in many groups. It is possible to choose traditional open air photo booths with, lights, and for promotional purposes, open air photo booths can be customized with different colors, such as black, blue, green, etc. It also has to be luggage materials and easy to use. Open air photo booths are cheaper than regular photo booths, but they can not be adjusted to the needs of the users. They need not only to buy luggage materials and are easy to use.

Get Everyone In One ShotOur open-air option allows you to personalize the photo booth experience. This booth is perfect for events that are space conscious. Without a backdrop, it only takes up 2 square feet of floor area.

Your open air photo booth comes with the background of your choice, assorted props to fit your theme and digital copies of all photos from your event. Prints come in your choice of traditional 2"x 6" strips or 4"x 6" prints, or make it a social media booth.

This booth is perfect for weddings, school events, corporate parties, and so much more. With instant prints and a variety of props this booth will allow your guests to see all the fun and make memories that will last forever!

At Picture Perfect Photo Booth Rentals, we make it easy for you to take your wedding reception to another level with our wide range of photo booth options. Get in touch with us to find out how to book your photo booth today, just in time for your upcoming nuptials.

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How does the photo booth work? The cameras used in these photo booths are SLR/DSLR cameras instead of the commonly used webcams. This results in very clear focused pictures. Photos taken with the webcam tend to show up grainy and are easily noticed in uploads to Facebook or when printed for scrapbooks. The booth will take a series of 3 photos (4 if you choose not to have a custom footer at the bottom), then in 10-15 seconds print off 2 photo strips for your guests. Our photo booth attendant will operate everything so all your guests have to do is have fun! 041b061a72


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