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For example, in, 192.168.1 is the network ID, and 254 is the device ID. So, if you have multiple devices connected to a home network, each will have the same first three sets and a different fourth set. These sets are given to the respective devices by the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) present in the router.


The first step to converting 1.254 to a fraction is to re-write 1.254 in the form p/q where p and q are both positive integers. To start with, 1.254 can be written as simply 1.254/1 to technically be written as a fraction.

Next, we will count the number of fractional digits after the decimal point in 1.254, which in this case is 3. For however many digits after the decimal point there are, we will multiply the numerator and denominator of 1.254/1 each by 10 to the power of that many digits. For instance, for 0.45, there are 2 fractional digits so we would multiply by 100; or for 0.324, since there are 3 fractional digits, we would multiply by 1000. So, in this case, we will multiply the numerator and denominator of 1.254/1 each by 1000:

As you can see, is part of the 16-bit block that contains 65,535 other private IP addresses. A router with the private IP address typically assigns all devices connected to it other private IP addresses from the same range, such as,,, and so on.

Apart from, there are literally thousands of other private IP addresses that you may come across. What they all have in common is that they are not accessible from the internet, unlike public IP addresses used by websites and other servers.

I belive that with a subnet you get 255 ip addresses. Whats the difference between DHCP servers that use " to" and " to"? Are both of these even correct?If my current DHCP server uses " to" are there any impicatons when changing to " to"

It's default login IP that is reserved for modems or wireless routers. By typing in the address bar of your browser you will get access to the admin interface of your router. is mostly used by brands like GreenPacket and Green Packet .It's not the only standard IP for routers. There are dozens of different IPs like or is a private IP address assigned as the default IP address in the hardware settings of the routers to access the admin panel of the routers. Just like any other private IP address, this IP address can be assigned to one device at a time on a private network and is used to manage the internal settings of the router and you can use to access the settings of the router.

A large number of people are confused about the IP address. In this post, MiniTool will introduce the detailed steps of login, password changing, and issues troubleshooting. It also explains other related information.

Sometimes you may want to change the password and username of In this case, you can log in to http // as we explained above. Once you are in the admin panel, navigate to Advanced settings > Router Admin > Change Password and enter the previous password and new password, and confirm it.

192.168.l.254 att belongs to class C where the IP address ranges from to Class C has a collection of 65,536 private IP addresses. Usually, Att routers often set as the default IP address in their devices so that users can access the settings inside the router.

Have you ever heard of the IP address ? Probably not, but it's something that every internet user should be aware of. This IP address is a default gateway for many routers, and can be used to access your home network from outside your house. to present a potentially low fraud risk. This IP address is owned by Microsoft Corporation whose web traffic we consider to present a potentially medium risk. In both cases, non-web traffic may present a different risk or no risk at all. Scamalytics see low levels of web traffic from this IP address across our global network, little of which we suspect to be potentially fraudulent. Considering only the web traffic where we have visibility, we apply a risk score of 0/100 to, which reflects the proportion of this traffic which we suspect to be potentially fraudulent. is not a standard domestic connection, it is a commercial server which could be proxying traffic from another geographical location. The geographical location of is in Austria, however the geographical location of the user could be anywhere in the world. IP Fraud Risk API "ip":"", "score":"0", "risk":"low" Click here for details of our free usage tier, free trial, and pricing information. Operator Hostname n/a ASN 8075 - AS8075 ISP Name Microsoft Corporation Organization Name Microsoft Corporation Connection type n/a Location Country Name Austria Country Code AT Region Vienna City Vienna Postal Code 1010 Metro Code n/a Area Code n/a Latitude 48.2082 Longitude 16.3738 Port Scan HTTP80/http Closed SSL443/ssl/http Closed HTTP-PROXY8080/http-proxy Closed OPSMESSAGING8090/opsmessaging Closed TOR-ORPORT9001/tor-orport Closed TCP9030/tcp/udp Closed SSH22/ssh Closed Proxies Anonymizing VPN No Tor Exit Node No Server Yes Public Proxy No Web Proxy No Search Engine Robot No Domain Names n/a IP Address data partner

Today I tried to access the internet and failed. I couldn't get past my router. I phoned the helpdesk again, and they took me through going into, and I was able to log in to using my new password. That fixed the problem at the router, so I had access to the internet again (hooray).

This morning when I tried to use my computer, however, was a different matter. My router tried to log into with the old password, but plusdsl expected the new password. I could log into my router, that isnt a problem. The helpdesk took me through the path and got the internet connection working. Later, I tried to write a description of that process and then testing it, but when I tested it, it wouldn't access I have either forgotten something, or something is preventing me accessing it.

I assume the top line just below the tab on the Google Chrome browser is the Address field you mention. I type in in that. When I hit the Enter button, it puts http:// in front of the 192, spends several seconds doing whatever it does, then comes back with a message that hasn't responded in time, try checking the connection, etc.

IF it's the plusnet hubone router you're using, then frequently stops responding (happened to me last week). It's a bug with the routers that appears not to be on the fix list. Sometimes it will sort itself out after a few hours and start working, other times it simply won't and you'll have to reboot the router instead. Once it's back up, you should be able to get back into the admin panel.

If your router's IP is something other than you wont be able to reach it there. Check our router detector at the top of the page, or go to to see what their tool says.

The IP address belongs to an address range that has been reserved for private networks. Every device that connects to your home network will get a similar address, with the last digit differing.

The devices connected to your home network will then use your router and the as the default gateway to access the internet, and your router will handle everything to tie together your public IP address to your home network.

Out of all the IP adresses possible in the private network range, has been chosen by 37 manufacturers as the most common IP address. This makes it easy for both professionals and common people to remember the address when needing to work with routers, it is as simple as typing into the address bar of the browser.

Among the bigger manufacturers to use as the default IP address are: AboCom, BT, Billion, OvisLink, MSI, Gigabyte, CC&C, Thomson, 2Wire and Hawking. You should note however that certain models might still use different addresses than the common ones, so it is always wise to check the manual as well.

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is assigned to each device connected to the Internet. Thanks to these addresses, devices can communicate with other devices on the network. This also applies to your router or modem. Routers and modems that distribute IP addresses to your devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets have a private IP address to communicate with them. This address is also the address you use to access the admin panel. As we will examine in this article, is a private IP address in IPv4 format and brands such as 2Wire, Arris, Netgear, Cisco, D-Link use it as the default gateway address on their devices.

Even though the router IP address is login, but other devices have different names of IP addresses. They must have their matchless IP in order to evade the conflict of IP addresses. Other private IP addresses used by modems and routers are and

What people are mostly concerned about whether it is a corporate network or a private home network, as no one wants their data and network resources to be hacked by strangers. As a result, the IP address has a very significant role when people receive new routers.

Another benefit of IP address is the ability to operate on multiple networks provided that they do not simultaneously merge with each other. Incorporated in the private IP Address class, you can use the networks concurrently in workplace and home. 041b061a72


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