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Talisman Online Bot With Auto Pick Downloadl

Post Date: 03:13 23-05-2012 Rating: 10 Author: serge_1 Comment: This site has been inaccessible for almost 2 weeks now, and NO ONE has fixed it. I have been using auto-downloading/botting to play the game for a little over a month now, and I am starting to get a little fed up of these "Games as a Service" that offer free games, and are so slow to correct any problems that go wrong with these games. I got really fed up of all the complaints I was reading in various forums I frequent about this one game that had issues that were not being resolved. This site has been inaccessible since March 20th, 2012, and they have not resolved this for whatever reason. Basically, they are not the least bit interested in caring about their customers, their user base, or even their games.

Talisman Online Bot With Auto Pick Downloadl

Post Date: 22:33 24-05-2012 Rating: 10 Author: Rammos Comment: I like this game but i have a big problem : The curent patch of the game : 2.0 the one that was released on 14 may 2016 is incredible buggy and unplayable. It doesnt work at all after the patch. If you are interested please visit this site: [url=][/url] And look for the comment i did not dont have the time to play anymore :P Rammos

Post Date: 16:24 22-01-2007 Rating: 8 Author: SkelleyG Comment: I played this game a while ago and liked it but I don't play it anymore because of what happened to me which was I won 3 PvP matches and 2 guild war which led to a ban on my character in the clan house. I was told not to participate in guild war and PvP because of my review which was I said it was a bad game which was why I stopped playing it. I'm not a game cracker or anything but I played other games like WoW, Guild Wars and other commercial games that they would ban your account or take a character out of the game permanently just because of reviews which were like etc and other review sites, then they tell you to stop from playing because of reviews. That happened to me with Talisman Online and it seems to have happened to some other players too. I had spent a lot of time in Talisman Online like 3 months now, I was in the Clan House. I won 3 PvP matches and 2 guild war and then my record was taken out of the house. I had also participated in those 3 PvP matches and 2 guild war. Now it is a year later and I started playin again.. and there are many problems with the talisman game.for starters you need to buy the game its always on.


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