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[S2E16] Adverse Events

Our therapist agreed with the thoughts in my head as he explained that even though an ACE score gives us a solid understanding into adverse childhood experiences, it by no means, considers the breadth and scope of childhood trauma that we acknowledge and talk about today.

[S2E16] Adverse Events

No human vaccine is currently available for any tick-borne disease, except for tick-borne encephalitis. Individuals should therefore take precautions when entering tick-infested areas, particularly in the spring and summer months. Preventive measures include avoiding trails that are overgrown with bushy vegetation, wearing light-coloured clothes that allow one to see the ticks more easily, and wearing long pants and closed-toe shoes. Tick repellents containing DEET (N,N, diethyl-m-toluamide) are only marginally effective and can be applied to skin or clothing. Rarely, severe reactions can occur in some people who use DEET-containing products. Young children may be especially vulnerable to these adverse effects. Permethrin, which can only be applied to clothing, is much more effective in preventing tick bites. Permethrin is not a repellent but rather an insecticide; it causes ticks to curl up and fall off the protected clothing.[weasel words]

Needless to say, Tuvok experiences adverse effects from the meld in this study of extreme violence, and grapples with the ethics of appropriate punishment. Anchored by a charismatic performance by Brad Dourif, as the sociopath, Suder even gets a chance at redemption, returning in the two-parter Basics (season 2, episode 26), when he helps to retake the ship from the Kazon.

The findings provide an insight into what 'good' patient and family involvement looks like and will play a significant part in the ongoing work by Healthcare Improvement Scotland to standardise the handling of category 1 adverse events across NHS Scotland.

Rosanna from Glasgow was affected by an adverse event. She said of the study: "I believe this study and its findings are crucial to truly understanding patients and families going through adverse events.

Dr Sharon Hilton-Christie, associate medical director patient safety, clinical governance and risk, NHS Tayside, said: "As healthcare professionals, we know that when adverse events occur, it is essential that we understand what led to them, what can be learnt from them and how this learning can be used in the future."

Dr Jean McQueen, report co-author and principal educator at NHS Education for Scotland said: "It was a privilege to speak to the study participants and learn what matters to patients and family following an adverse event in healthcare.

"We will embed the findings in our educational programmes, and together with our partners in Healthcare Improvement Scotland we are committed to ensuring patients and families are included in our adverse event review processes in Scotland."

At the end of the season, House is shot and gravely injured by a disgruntled former patient's husband. It's soon shown that the events involving his fighting with Wilson and talking to his team never actually happened as they were in fact hallucinations. The season ends on a cliffhanger as House is seen being wheeled into the ER by his team and he makes a request for ketamine before losing consciousnesses altogether.

Tragedy strikes when House is injured in a bus crash, suffering a concussion. He is sure that one of the other passengers on the bus was suffering from a medical condition, but his injury prevents him from remembering who it was or what the condition was. Finally he remembers - for some unexplained reason, Amber was on the bus with him and she was badly injured in the crash and is being treated as a Jane Doe patient at another hospital. Wilson eventually learns that the reason Amber was on the bus was to attempt to get House home safely after a night of drinking, leaving House and his friendship in risk.

The eighth and final season of House premiered on October 3, 2011 and ended on May 21, 2012. This season starts with House in jail after the events of "Moving On". It is also the only season not to feature Lisa Cuddy at all. Other important events that happened in this season were Thirteen's departure from the team, the addition of two new fellows, Wilson's disease among others. 041b061a72


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