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Ion Channels Of Excitable Membranes Hille Pdf Download

Detailed information on electrophysiological techniques applicable to Xenopus oocytes can be found in two invaluable sources for electrophysiological methods: 1) "Ion channels of excitable membranes" by Bertil Hille (Hille, 2001) and 2) "Axon Guide: for electrophysiology and biophysics laboratory techniques" by Axon Instruments, Inc (free download at _Axon_Guide.html) and in many excellent reviews (for example, Bezanilla and Stefani, 1998; Shih et al., 1998; Stefani, 1998; Stuhmer, 1998). In this section we will briefly review the two-electrode-voltage clamp (TEVC) technique as it is the most widely used electrophysiological technique to measure currents flowing through channels expressed in Xenopus oocytes. It should be noted though that execution of successful electrophysiological experiments requires more detailed description found elsewhere and hands-on training.

Ion Channels Of Excitable Membranes Hille Pdf Download

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